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Originally, Sacred Heart Teachers’ Training Institute was opened in 1948 by the Good Shepherd Convent. Museum Road, Bangalroe-560 025. They decided to close down this school later, in 1971, for lack of personnel.

On being advised by others to transfer it to others, their Provincial approached, Rev. Mother Theodosia, the Superior General of the Apostolic Carmel at the time, and invited her to take over the training schools, viz. Anglo Indian Training School & T.C.H. Mother accepted the offer & on June 1st 1972, Sisters Gabrielle and Rose took charge as Principals of the two schools.

Mother Theodosia then felt that it was superfluous to have two training schools, so she closed down the Anglo Indian Training School. The classes were shifted to the Apostolic Carmel Premises at Jayanagar in 1972. Since then, the school has made rapid progress.

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