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New Updates 2018-19

Awareness on Drug Addiction 2018

Carmel feast 2018

Firewarden training programme 2018

Inaugural 2018

Independence day 2018

New Updates 2017-18

Carmel feast Celebration

Christmas Celebration
Co - ordination Board
Founderess Day
Health Awareness
Human Rights Day
Synergy Activities
Talents Day
Teachers Day
Visit to Ashaniketan

Year 2016-17

Inaugural 2016-17

Christmas 2016
Human Rights Day
Puppetry Class
Women's Day
Youjanastava 2016-17
Talents Day 2016-17
Sports Finale
Farwell 2016-17

Archives 2015-16

A Visit by African Teachers

A Visit to Lalbagh
Educational Tour
New Horizons Retreat
Certificate Presentation by Fire Warden
Inaugural Day
Annual Sports Day 2015
Talents Day
Teachers Day
Sports Day
Crafts Expo

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