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New Updates 2018-19

Nios I Year Certificate Presentation

Nios II Year Certificate presentation

Patriotic Song Competition

Visit to Seva Kendra and Community college

Gandhi Jayanthi Celebrations

Gandhi Exam Photos

Human Rights

Internship Classes


Science Day

Sports Day

Practice Teaching

Aids Day

Talents day

Visit to Community College

Teachers day

Awareness on Drug Addiction 2018

Carmel feast 2018

Firewarden training programme 2018

Inaugural 2018

Independence day 2018

New Updates 2017-18

Carmel feast Celebration

Christmas Celebration
Co - ordination Board
Founderess Day
Health Awareness
Human Rights Day
Synergy Activities
Talents Day
Teachers Day
Visit to Ashaniketan

Year 2016-17

Inaugural 2016-17

Christmas 2016
Human Rights Day
Puppetry Class
Women's Day
Youjanastava 2016-17
Talents Day 2016-17
Sports Finale
Farwell 2016-17

Archives 2015-16

A Visit by African Teachers

A Visit to Lalbagh
Educational Tour
New Horizons Retreat
Certificate Presentation by Fire Warden
Inaugural Day
Annual Sports Day 2015
Talents Day
Teachers Day
Sports Day
Crafts Expo

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